The list of Alternative facts

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It’s not my job to debunk admin statements, it’s their own job to make sure what they’re actually saying is correct. In no way shape/or form have I been trolling. Neither have I flamed the admins.

Gio creates a topic about InVictus players, including three admins spawning snipers in a practise clan war:

Yes, my behavior as a player in those two rounds were not ok and I apologize for that but you should tell the whole story (which goes further than that single match) and not just the outcome.
Anyhow, Lo0ny will respond as team leader.

League admin “Assi” apologizes for spawning sniper in a practise clan war against lop. (22.03.17)

Yes it is true that we havent taken the two last rounds on Tobruk that serious like we would play against any other clan and normally, to show respect to the opponent, u should play them (what we have done).

The whole story is: We played already two trainwars vs lop on 8.3. and 15.3.
First train has been Murmansk (ours) and Aberdeen (their map while they had a mixed team). On 15.3. we played Kharkov (ours) and Aberdeen (their map with a mixed team). Both times i told lop that we would prefer not to play Aberdeen and Tobruk in our trainwars since we wont play it in league anyway and we wouldnt be a good opponent to train it.
Since – in Gios words – owning them on Murmansk and Kharkov we always felt like they just took Aberdeen (yes we are bad on this map and we know it) for an revenge.

If u want to get respected why u dont respect the wish of a clan not to play 2 maps and since u play even on wednesdays, thursdays and sundays u will have enough time to practice Tobruk and Aberdeen against opponent who are way better on those maps than we are and could give u a better train on those maps.

And watchy u can confirm when u have ringed for us on aberdeen that we tryed (with some special tactic) still to play on Aberdeen.

League admin “LoOny” confirms that this unsportsly event indeed did happen, he also claims that InVictus| played lop on the 8th and 15th. Lop play against InVictus on 28.02.17, 07.03.17 and 21.03.17, a war on 14.03.17 was cancelled by Whoopz. Lop played against GUN|BF. on 15.03.17, LoOny could have mistaken the dates, yet these weren’t true facts and therefore not credible.

I would even go as far as confirming that lop has been picking aberdeen to nag invictus; with tobruk that might have been the same but at least it wasn’t aberdeen again.

League admin “Mitch” claims that he believes lop is trolling InVictus, even though Tobruk was the next lop league war match against TnS so I have no idea how he came to that conclusion(?) Whoopz specifically asked lop to practise Tobruk even though he wasn’t present. This has nothing to do with trolling.

Too bad, U think U did absolutely nothing wrong. Did U mention to Gio that Gorr first said that Kharkov was your map choice? We were satisfied on TS that it wasn’t Aberdeen or Tobruk again and one minute after we changed to Kharkov U said “Tobruk plz” which came over to us like they’re taking a piss with us. That explains my behavior. If U would have picked Tobruk immediately I wouldn’t have been happy but I would never have reacted the way I did.
So again: I apologize and I’m 100% sure it won’t happen again in the future.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Now move on.

Again league admin “Assi” confirms the event, and the exclaims that lop picked Tobruk previously. The previous wars were: Murmansk (InVictus) and Bocage, Aberdeen and Stalingrad (0:2), CANCELLED and Cherbourg (2:1) and Tobruk. Tobruk is only present once here. Not a true fact.

Cancelled. Trying for a mix war.

KarlsoN creates a post complaining about the map UN Berlin on 09.07.17

The version of UN Berlin was changed to BFL Berlin after this post. Please take note of the fact that nobody from lop posted any “troll posts” whatever the admins consider to be troll posts.

Denny creates a post complaining about the map Kurskayduga on 20.11.17
Whoopz agrees with him about his complaints:

Please take note of the fact that several InVictus members posted troll posts.

I think the behavior from several guys here is disgraceful. I’ve been banned for less. Denny and Whoopz are trying to discuss the problematics with this map objectively, these opinions are their views and they have every right to express it, likewise the opposing views have the same rights. Although it seems like this is not reflected on this forum. Some replies especially from Fear are also objectively and constructive, thumbs up to that. I think we have can agree on that there are several opinions on these new maps. We need to have a discussion about the two sides of the coin to come up with a solution of this case. If not, then we face the fact of having clans and players dropping off.

But when people (mostly Invictus guys) tries to demonize one side and silence them, it is in my eyes extremely frightful. When Loony, as one of the admins for this league, writes “stop this senseless discussion and keep on streaming” it shows that you have no interest in allowing different opinions than your own. This is utterly outrageous and in my eyes admin abuse. Calling people names or switching the focus on why they are complaining is just a kids way of arguing and it doesn’t hold up. – RäKaN 2017, GUN|BF.

By this post of yours it almost looks like whoopz got in to your head. Your feedback to his report rather shows how YOU can’t deal with criticism on an objective level. I’m not being conservative towards you, I’m just trying to put things into perspective. You probably know by now that the admins here disagree with Whoopz but of course it’s tempting to be the besserwisser in the limelight when you know you have most of the audience on your side anyway. It almost makes it OK to just jump to a fast conclusion and suppose things.

But next time save us all some time and instead of writing this wall of text you say: “Move on Whoopz, just deal with the fact that there is still members in this community who likes the map you dislike” End of story.

Same goes for me, I’m just a troll who likes to nippletwist people who deserve it. – SleveN 2017, Clanless.

No flaming involved with these posts, whatsoever.

Wrong in regards to what? This is a debate. I stated my opinion, that is all I did. There’s nothing “wrong” in that – as someone stated previously, we can all have diffrent opionions and I shared mine. That is how you have a discussion, not by posting random topics that doesn’t belong to the subject, but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s InVictus members doing it. Feel free to post all sorts of random shit, definitely wants to make me take you seriously. – Whoopz 2017, lop.

The league admins “Mitch” and “Fear” create a topic in the forum regarding some chat messages posted in the chatbox by Whoopz and Denny.

Deleted the chatbox comments.
First of all,
@Denny and Whoopz, If you don’t stop the non-sense you are writing constantly and insulting the admin team, we will consider to give you an official warning. This is the second time this happens.We have a rule regarding behaviour.
Secondly and Regarding the topic:
1. Points
2. Won Wars
3. Won Rounds
4. Own tickets.
Losses and ties don’t matter. And haven’t mattered for like a long time now. Why is it so important now???? Just because lop was second for one season?
The majority of the community agreed in the older topics regarding the priority. As Mitch stated the league was not made to cater to one single clan and its individuals.
It is again much more clear that you want to do this for lop, like the other topic last time.
Instead of flaming the admins etc, you should actually care about keeping the clan alive. The admins are killing the league and are handicapped? Look at yourselves. – FearoftheDarkHU (04.12.17)

While there’s factual evidence of Denny flaming the admins in the chatbox, there’s no such thing regarding Whoopz. I asked the admins to provide evidence, yet they couldn’t come up with anything to suggest such a thing. Furthermore they even encourage Whoopz and Denny to have a discussion in the forum just to call it nonsense afterwards.

League admin “FearoftheDarkHU” advices Whoopz to lie on Steam, and to state that he was simply drunk and didn’t have any opinions at all:

22:36 – Whoopz: I don’t know what you consider to be flaming, but having a discussion in a forum is not flaming.
22:32 – -=TL=-FearofthedarkHU: basically just let the issue go
22:32 – -=TL=-FearofthedarkHU: I have the same stuff at work
22:33 – -=TL=-FearofthedarkHU: whichis like 150% more important am still being asked to let those go
22:33 – -=TL=-FearofthedarkHU: you should see that you are downgrading yourself for other people, even if you think you don’t
22:34 – -=TL=-FearofthedarkHU: Because it is possible to come backfrom this by saying you were drunk or smth like that
22:38 – Whoopz: coming back from what?
22:38 – Whoopz: I dont drink
22:38 – Whoopz: I respond to people responding to me, do you consider that flaming?

Who’s integrity just got ruined here, the one lying and wanting other people to lie, or the one having a discussion in the forum?

I don’t believe I would change things to my liking, but I do think that is exactly what the admins are doing right now, especially when it comes to custom maps. It is also interesting to note that the admins would like to change the subject of the topic to something completely diffrent every single time. Like the fact that I play for lop rather than actually looking at what the topic is supposed to be about. I guess we can agree to disagree, but Fear is accusing me of flaming the admins, yet when I asked him to find an example he couldn’t. That makes it a lie there’s no other way to put it.

I will maintain the fact that I don’t think it makes sense that a clan who lost a war can become first, meanwhile a clan who never lost a war can come 2nd.

The fact that some admins show lack of interest isn’t surprising to me. Half of them are inactive either way. Okay, okay, maybe 1/3 are inactive.
Also I would like to point out that the admins created this topic in the forum, it was also the admins whom mentioned my name before I started responding to said topic – Whoopz 06.12.17

Denny and Whoopz get a warning

As a reaction to recent developments we decided to extend a general warning to everyone who was negatively involved in the recent upsets in the chat box and forum.

Furthermore, Denny’s and Whoopz’ right to attain leader- or co-leadership will be revoked and their forum/chatbox participation is on probation. If they continue to attract negative attention we will exclude them from using forum and chat box until the end of the upcoming season.

Our idea of having a discussion differs from yours and Denny’s so much that we decided we don’t see you fit for this forum or taking a leadership position in this league.

It would be too harsh to immediately exclude you from the forum so we decided to leave the two of you on probation. I already cited the relevant paragraphs of the rules in Denny’s post in which he was previously doubting the legitimacy of this decision.

League admin “Mitch” agrees with “nonsense” from both Denny and Whoopz in two diffrent topics.

I think I actually agree with you in regard of this. It does seem somewhat more logical. However, I can’t say that what we have right now is entirely wrong.

Changing the code of the table shouldn’t be too difficult. But it would take a considerable amount of time which I am not willing to invest unless it appears like a really pressing issue. I just don’t believe that the amount of time I’d have to invest into this is in an acceptable correlation to the actual benefit of it. – Mitch 2017

My reaction when I looked at the map for the first time was just like Denny or Whoopz.
But Fear kept telling me that it was alright and would be interesting to play with so many vehicles etc. So I decided to wait up for the first time playing it.
I believe it was inVictus we played this map against for the first time. It was different from usual league maps, yes.
But I couldn’t say that the excessive amount of tanks made the map really unplayable. Perhaps it’s true that this map feels like it’s designed for more than just 8 players on each team but so were most of the vanilla map – good and bad alike.
I can see why some players would complain about this map. But I can also see why some more players would like it. – Mitch 2017

Fear is spreading lies about me based on assumptions with no factual evidence, and I am no longer allowed to participate in a debate, interesting.
I have always had very strong opionions about stuff, and that is no secret. I’m gonna stop now, because the admins are turning towards child-like bully behavior. – Whoopz 2017

Mitch agrees with some of my viewpoints, then he proceeds to call the things I post nonsense, nonsense implies that the things I post doesn’t make any sense, which in itself doesn’t make any sense because he agreed with me on some of those viewpoints. Nonsensical. – Whoopz 2017

Troll posts on the forum like these are allowed by league admins:

No point of arguing with them Whoopz or Denny, nothing will ever change unless it favours Invictus/TL/Bmc since they have the supreme power in this league. – RäKaN 2017
—- – Zodys response 2017

Its useless to discuss normally here, when invictus members all come out of their caves barking and talking nonsense as if they got insulted by something plus Fear as admin who has no opinion of his own but just trying to look what invictus would like to hear from him as they made him admin and he cannot live without being admin .

I will not try to do something good for this liga anymore. You make liga rules according to yourselves- Invictus – 3 mapbans wasnt enough? Make 15 mapbans next season so that it fits you i dont care anymore.

Now proceed with your barking – Denny 2017
—– yt video explains my view on Kurskaduga and why you guys are wrong! – Zodys response 2017

Achievement unlocked – KarlsoN 2017

No. Because I can find like 100500 dramas started by whoopz and co on forum, chat.
Also, you made drama in your own team.
Is that clear? – KarlsoN 2017

Seriously wondering who was whining about getting raped by lop| on UN Berlin, Whoopz or KarlsoN?

U really compare baselock, nading spawns and basereaping to to many vehicles?
Whoopz u made my day!!!!
[quote]Nobody had any issues with Berlin with the exception of some guys three years ago and InVictus. Why change the map because of that?[/quote] – Whoopz
As u already saying by your own: It was more than just inVictus.
Here u + denny so two players are complaining.
Stop this sensless discussion and keep on streaming.

This is my favorite comment from league admin “Loony” so you’re telling me Berlin was changed because of complaints three years ago, and not because InVictus| whined about it recently, it took three years to change the map? And also that Whoopz should keep on streaming.

I just mocked whoopz inability to accept that he is wrong. that is all. Trolls unite ? – Zody 2017

Still not entirely sure how you can be wrong in a debate. Unless you’re clearly making up facts like the admins here.

Denny, i think i hear the clock at your place for the other guy – Raptors 2017

You could frequently hear Dennys clock on our teamspeak, Idk if he fixed it. I noted it as a trollpost that the admins allow. Anything else you want to know?



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