The lies continue

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This post was cencored by league lying admins. Here it is uncensored.

I had a serious discussion with Fear on Steam yesterday, I’m going to post this and you’re going to consider me a troll, because that’s just the way it goes when you make up lies about me and my clan, telling me that “I blame the admins” boohoo, I don’t even understand what you mean by that, but keep going, no joke, I love the trolls representing our community!

So here we go: The topics I agree with has nothing to do with lop. I also didn’t start any of them. You need to understand this, and you still don’t seem to be able to even after the 5th attempt.

Mitch agrees with some of my viewpoints, then he proceeds to call the things I post nonsense, nonsense implies that the things I post doesn’t make any sense, which in itself doesn’t make any sense because he agreed with me on some of those viewpoints. Nonsensical. You can tell the other admins this: Next time you could call it spamming instead of nonsense, If you think I spend my sparetime flaming the admins then you’re just plain wrong, my grandfather got stabbed to death, just last week I saw a guy get stabbed.(That was more related towards Fear tbh) I don’t care nearly enough to backtalk the admins, and maybe you should check the english dictionary 

When I read “nonsense” in a discussion. I don’t read it as spamming. Spamming is completely diffrent from nonsense.

You have the obligation to keep the Forum simple and easy. Don`t make any forum thread without any sense and write them into the correct Topic. Troll posts won’t be tolerated. Repeated trolling actions can lead to a punishment.

Other kind of announcements / advertising of events (e.g FH, IS82 etc.) are allowed.

To quote your own rules, I still don’t see what I have done wrong here. There’s no rules regarding spam if that is what you meant to say rather than “nonsense” you cannot follow your own rules because I misread “nonsense” for what it actually means and not as spam.

§ 6.0 Bad / inappropriate Behavior

This is a League where bad behavior is not tolerated. Flaming, insulting and other bad behavior at any place of this website and in any way is strictly forbidden and will result in a punishment. It also could lead to an exclusion from the league.

Trolling is allowed, as long as people play for a troll clan with troll admins or the trolls agree with the admins in some form.

Anyways if you want the “lop members” to stop posting topics complaining about stuff, perhaps you should consider the fact that not all clans have admins as representatives of this community. I don’t see any admins from Tampliers, I don’t see any admins from {SoH}, I don’t see any admins from lop. One of the top-tier clans of this game nowadays, yet I see 3 trolls from InVictus, 2 from TL, 2 admins from GUN, 2 admins from BmC and 3 clanless players who’s mostly inactive anyway. Which is what I was talking with Fear about.

If there’s “no better admins than who’s there right now” as Mitch says, then perhaps maybe you should at least try to get simple facts straight before talking, like specific dates, like actually finding evidence, before accusing me of flaming you. Again it makes you look less credible when you lie.

At this point it IS spam, you know why? Because you’re making up lies about me because you disagree with me.
I’m not a troll, but the fact of the matter is that trolls keep feeding me 


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