BF-L: Lack of Players wins Season 17

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order clomid online Initially I wasn’t certain how Lack of Players would be doing this season as they have lost a lot of keyplayers to other clans, however in the light of that – they have managed to win the league once again.

check my source Technically ¤)ßmÇ(¤, [CBS] and {SoH} still have wars remaining, however they won’t be able to catch up in time.

Full Article Unfortunately there was some initial trouble for lop| during the last match of the season against the trolls InVictus| – the opponent felt as if they knew the rules of the league, which they apparently don’t. They felt baseraped on the map UN Berlin. Stating there’s a rule about it.

The rules of Berlin has been discussed many times in the BF-League, but there has never actually been made an official rule about the rape line – only discussions, the paragraph in the BF-League section was only made as a suggestion by FearoftheDark.


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