Nations Cup 2017?

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Discussion has been brewing within the BF-League community, once again, Black Mamba started the talks of a new nation cup – similar to the one he held back in 2015 which included infantry and tank maps. Not a lot of nations participated back then, Finland, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands were some of the few represented.

There’s a few problems with trying to create a nations cup in 2017, most notably the amount of players. According to my calculations there’s 19 active Germans within the league, 15 Russians, 7 Dutch players, and 7 Polish players, the rest of the nations would only be able to muster up around 3 players each.

There has been several ideas to fix this issue: For instance, deviding the nations into Northern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and the Americas – which causes yet another issue, East and West would be overrepresented in terms of players.

The last and only time the league officially played a nations cup was back in 2010 – Sweden won, Germany came 2nd and Poland 3rd.


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