Battlefield 1942 is still competitive in 2017

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find out here I honestly think that without BF-League, Battlefield 1942 would be dead. Which is weird. In every article I read about Battlefield 1942, BF-League is never mentioned – the articles are simply too old. Not a lot of people know about the fact that there’s still an actively engaging competitive clan community in 1942.

order Lyrica overnight I occasionally see new clans pop up “occasionally” as in I think it’s just old friends who decided to play – like once. And then never return again, perhaps they’re members of a clan elsewhere and just decided to check out the game, but if they truly wish to stay I think they should join the BF-League – I don’t really understand the purpose of creating a clan without a purpose if that makes any sense, I mean if you create a clan and aim to have fun you can play competitively and have fun at the same time. I used to think that clan wars were random 4vs4s on public servers. The community is relatively close-knit – maybe that’s why not a lot of people has heard about it, it also requires a clan to have at least 11 active members in order to join, which is obviously hard since the game is 15 years old.

In Battlefield 1942 BF-League is what keeps 9 clans alive still (the newest one was created in 2016, proving that it is actually possible) whenever I see these new clans pop up with like 5-6 members I feel sad that they don’t know about BF-League – truth be told – I think there’s a lot of active players who actually play the game right now and don’t know about BF-League.

BF-League used to be called “BF-Liga” and was primarily dominated by german clans, however today it consists of diffrent european clans. The league used to have 5 divisions devided into 8 clans each, by 2013 there was only a single division. I have never understood why some of the big-ish american clans like ATF_ (HH) don’t seem interested in joining an american division. I have seen a lot of clans who doesn’t seem active anymore – simply because they had nothing to do.


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