Custom Maps: “Strasbourg” by Black Mamba

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acyclovir cream uk where to buy diflucan pills Developer(s): Black Mamba
read this post here Release year: 2017

Strasbourg is a french town close to the German border. Annexed by them in 1870, then by the French in 1918 and then again by the German in 1940.

Strasbourg Cathedral View

Bird’s eye view of the map on Editor42, from the Strasbourg Cathedral.

On 1 March 1941, after a victory by the Free French Forces against Italian in Libya, the soldiers took the oath of Kufra: “Swear not to lay down arms until our colors, our beautiful colors, float on the Strasbourg Cathedral.”
On 23 November 1944, Leclerc and the French 2nd Armoured Division liberated Strasbourg and raised the french flag over the Cathedral.

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Strasbourg is a custom map for the game Battlefield 1942. It mimics the city of Strasbourg, located in northeastern France. Although not a 1:1 replica of the city

Strasbourg Allied Main View

Bird’s eye view of the map on Editor42, from Allied main.

There’s 2 versions of the map, 1 for vanilla Battlefield 1942 and 1 for Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome.

The map used to feature a moving train, which has later been removed due to technical difficulties – the train would simply fall off the tracks.

“I removed the train due to Whoopz’s terrible driving skills…. jk. Tbh the train didn’t bring much in the battle, it was mostly a “wow” vehicle that didn’t have any tactical importance on the map. So it was removed” – Black Mamba

The map featured 6 flags, which has now been reduced to 4. (only flags in the city itself now)

Strousbourg Trainstation

The bridge as seen from the western bridge.


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