Custom Maps: “Battle of Kachanivjansk” by B2K

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A new custom map was recently finished, made by -=TL=-Born2Kill this is “Battle of Kachanivjansk” also known as “Dnjepr” (no idea how to pronounce it)

We recently played a test match for it within the BF-League community, the map is made for a smaller crowd from around 6vs6 to 10vs10, centered around infantry in the middle of the city, as well as tanks to the West of the city.

¤)ßmÇ(¤ buy Pregabalin india  SleveN vs. -=TL=-  Mitch
lop|whoopz vs.InVictus|jassu
{SoH} Gambit vs. -=TL=- Born2Kill 007
-=TL=- Abbernault vs. lop|Kobra
<TnS> Flasche vs. [†amplier] AlexStamm 
InVictus|Zody vs. -=TL=-Cowatho
lop|gaju vs. Kill Machine

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Germans: 2 P4 Main base, 2 Kettenkrad Main base, 1 Wespe uncap outpost, 1 Hanomag uncap outpost, 3 rafts base
USSR: 2 T-34/85 Main base, 2 Willy jeeps base, Katyusha uncap outpost, 2 Willy jeeps uncap outpost (consequential spawn) 3 rafts base

Flags: 2 in town, 1 in plains
Plain flag will be most likely tank contested
City flags:
1 flag in cemetary, inf cap
1 flag in a street, tank + inf pressure

*Since writing this the mapname has changed from “Dnjepr” to “Desna River” due to the unusual name. The map will still be tested under “Dnjepr” as to not cause confusion between the final version.


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