Being a good Squad Leader in Squad

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No. Unfortunately this post is not about Squad Leader the boardgame from 1977.

When I first started playing Squad during the free weekend, just last week pretty much, I felt as if some of the more established players in the game took it towards a negative direction when some of the new guys were trying to become squad leaders – mostly because they didn’t know what they were doing, but how should they?

I don’t think they understand how fortunate they are, that people are still actually playing their game, it’s not like Battlefield 1942, where we are pretty much stuck at the same amount of players always.

The Squad leader role in Squad is arguably the most important role. As a squad leader you need to play as the squad leader class in order to perform diffrent tasks.

One of those tasks could be building a FOB (Forward Base) which allows squad members and friendlies to spawn indefinitely unless it’s destroyed by enemies – the rally point which also functions as a spawn, only for your squad only, allows for limited spawns of up to 9. As a squad leader it is important you stay alive, remember, if you die perhaps most of your squaddies won’t be able to spawn nearby.

Allowing squad members to take a vehicle is another big thing, but not always necessary, I actually prefer to walk in this game, even though the maps are big, they’re also extremely detailed and you can easily find yourself stuck with a truck – You need at least 3 squad members to be close to the vehicle in order to actually be able to take it.

You do however need the supply truck in order to actually build your FOB, so make sure that you start construction on an accessible, yet defendable location. I would argue that one of the funniest things about this game is actually the fact that you can defend your own base essentially, no matter how many times you play the FOB will never stay the same.


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