Being a good medic in Squad

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canada Misoprostol If there’s something I really hate about video games, especially most shooters nowadays, it’s the limitation of classes. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a good squad in Squad, there’s some classes I have never actually played because they have always been occupied by others (apparently because they’re better or some shit) which makes me feel sort of left out. Today I played medic for the first time.

zocor tablet price in pakistan In some squads I often notice medics going off by themselves and from the rest of the squad as well, going solo into the action. I usually try to avoid those kinds of squads. Wearing off doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, earlier today when I played the medic class I moved away from my own squad in order to revive pretty much the entirety of squad 6 which had been gunned down – most important were their squadleader and medics of course, we we’re attacking West Poppy[link] together, which they had just lost several times previously.

I noticed some people who only revive people from their own squad and leave the rest behind to rot, this is not something that I would encourage, by reviving somebody from someone elses squad you not only help them, but also your entire team.

The other medic in our squad sometimes felt like a casual bystander in the beginning, I felt as if he was acting and playing as a normal rifleman, so I don’t understand why he would occupy the class of medic just to help himself. That doesn’t feel like the way to play Squad (thankfully he left, and we got an actual proper medic joining in)

As a medic you should try to avoid direct contact with the enemy, this is important, imagine if your entire squad went down and you were the last guy alive. Consider yourself the “clean-up crew” stay behind your squad, move away from your squad, attack the enemy when they least expect it, stay close enough to your squad that you will be able to cover them and reach them in time if they go down.

“Consider yourself the “clean-up crew”

Being a medic isn’t about kill/death ratio (neither is Squad for that matter) being a medic doesn’t mean you cant engage in firefights – but I think it’s almost secondary in nature. It simply means that you need to be pay more attention to what’s going on around you.

If you see a guy with a blood icon above him, it means one of 2 things, either he has been hit and is bleeding out, or he has been hit and is bleeding out on the ground, you require a bandage to patch him up. However if somebody has as health icon above their head it simply means you need your medic bag in order to give him full health.

If you run out of bandages you can either refill at an ammo crate or simply ask the player in question to bandage himself so you can heal him. While holding out the medic bag left click in order to heal your teammate, right click in order to heal yourself. If you’re lucky you can get most of your squaddies to cover you while reviving others, medics also spawn with smoke grenades (which I would rarely ever use, because I find them annoying for my own visibility as well as the enemies)

What do you think of my first round? And how do you play as a medic in Squad?

The most annoying part about being a medic? Nobody revived me even once. If you want to be a good medic, dont abuse it, use it!


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