Forgotten Hope Revisited – The Mod

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The mod Forgotten Hope 0.7 has gotten old – really old – it hasn’t been updated for around 4 years now. Ziba has announced that he will be doing something about it.
He has been working on a modification called “Forgotten Hope Revisited”

In the improved version 8 new maps for Forgotten Hope will be included, bot support for up to 128 bots.  Also there are two patches to allow you to play Battlefield 1942 in true widescreen mode and FH without any compatibility mode!

Forgotten Hope (FHR) is going to include new vehicles such as:
– BA-64
– BF 109 F-4, G-2
– SU-85
– SU-122
– SU-152
– BMW R75
– Ki-45

New and improved weapons such as these:
– Arisaka, K 98, M1 Garand, Mosin Nagant, No 4 bayonets
– Molotov cocktail
– M18 smoke grenade
– Eierhandgranate M39
– Nebelhandgranate 39

New effects:
– Startup and regular exhaust for all tank engines
– New plane damage trails
– Added fire and smoke to vehicle wrecks
– New effects for tank treads (dust, snow, etc.)
– New flashes for hand weapons; added smoke after shot, etc.
– Added auto reload for all rifles and SMG
– Added auto throttle for all planes

Forgotten Hope Revisited

You can read more about the mod here!


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