Days of War review

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Days of War is a World War II themed First-person shooter multiplayer game, at any given time I have only been able to find around 10-20 players online.

When I first booted up Days of War, I started by trying out the map called Omaha – no big surprise that there’s an Omaha Beach map represented in a World War II game. I actually had to look up if the game was developed by the same developers as the Day of Infamy mod for Insurgency as the map looked so similiar and I knew they were coming out with a standalone game soon – it is obviously inspired by a map from Day of Defeat or perhaps even Medal of Honor? Still there’s room for a little more creativity in that regard. The map felt too similar to the older games in my opinion.

Speaking of maps, they feel way too small and crammed – I am not a big fan of one singular spawn, I don’t mind several spawns in the same generel area, but it’s annoying spawning and bumbing into your teammates constantly as you spawn at the beginning, but I guess it’s not the end of the world.

The game already features an archivement tab, thus far there’s only one archivement for reading said tab. It seems like the developers may be looking into developing a competitive system similar to CS:GO. I have already seen some clans play competitive matches in this game.

I don’t have anything to say about the graphics really, they look okay.

Map Editor
I believe one of the features that could turn this game around is the map editor they have been working on for quite some time now, I don’t suspect any of the other World War II games in 2017 to include this kind of mod support.


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