Day of Infamy review

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http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/safari-ivory/safari-ivory.jpg Every once in a while I check steam for World War II game releases, I finally decided to buy Days of Infamy and it certainly hasn’t gone under my radar. In fact, I bought the game Insurgency just because of the mod by the same name.

buy cheap Pregabalin online Days of Infamy was developed as mod for Insurgency back in 2016, but has since then become a stand-alone game which I wanted to check out.

purchase gabapentin When I first booted up the game it asked me to install a anti-cheat program, which in itself is fine, but I wish it came preinstalled with the game, not something that I had to install seperately after already having installed the game – In the end it doesn’t matter too much, as I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve reinstalled “PunkBuster” for Battlefield 1942.

As with any Indie, WWII shooter, it was quite a gamble to buy this game, as I had no idea how many players would be playing it, it seems like there’s a lot of WWII shooters coming out lately. Day of Infamy, obviously, Days of War, Battalion 1944, Fog of War among others.

“Yesterday, Dec 7. 1941 – a day which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt

A quick look at the server browser revealed that there were about some 1000 people playing which had me pleasently surprised – more than what I found on its contender, the early access game, Days of War.

There’s no minimap, no weird kind of radar showing where the shots come from, not even a killcam. Something that honestly takes a bit of getting used to for me, because I’m a hugh fan of the minimap whenever I play shooters.

The game seems extremely hardcore, which I don’t know if I like, hate or both.

When I was looking at the game on Steam I noticed you could buy “special” units. There’s ranks, but there’s no weapon unlocks attached to them. Instead you get units, which in reality just changes your characters appearance – I think.

Like Days of War, Day of Infamy is inspired by Day of Defeat – goddamn so many days – which to be honest, I think it has a pretty good chance of becoming the next predecessor. There’s voice chat within the game, which I am a big fan of, but it also enables a lot of trolls.

Day of Infamy was officially released on Steam out of Early Access 2 days ago.

7.0 Awesome

The game feels surprisingly fleshed out considering it was developed after a mod.

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