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Battlefield 1: Premium Friends

According to DICE Producer Andreas Skoglund, DICE has been looking into a very specific thing: “There is one specific area of feedback that we’ve had our…

Interstate 82
Interstate 82: Gold Map Pack

The modification for Battlefield 1942 called Interstate 82 (IS82 for short) is currently undergoing an overhaul by GoodDayToDie and Reegad. The update named “Gold Map Pack”…

StarCraft remastered

I saw StarCraft kissing mommy… On a more serious note.. Blizzard just announced they’re going to release a remastered version of StarCraft with new improved textures and game sounds.

World War II
Days of War review

Days of War is a World War II themed First-person shooter multiplayer game, at any given time I have only been able to find around 10-20 players…

Forgotten Hope 2
Forgotten Hope 2: Ahead of its time?

With all these new World War II games being released recently I decided to take a look back at “Forgotten Hope 2” – a WWII modification for Battlefield 2 which could almost be considered a game in its own right.

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